(030) Type ZHU250CL Universal Hardness tester

Universal hardness tester offering Rockwell, superficial Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop and Brinell testing capability to relevant ISO and ASTM standards

Key features:

  • Test force 0.5 kgf to 250 kgf
  • Option to fit up to 4 objective lenses
  • Option to fit up to 4 indenters
  • Available with manual or motorized XY stage
  • Option to scan the surface of the sample with the mosaic function or using an A4 flatbed scanner
  • Available with auto focus option
  • Load cell technology
  • 24 bit A/D converter provides > 16 million control bits
  • 1.3 mega pixel USB camera
  • Supplied with full UKAS certification for the instrument, indenters and test blocks
  • Manufactured in the UK within an ISO 17025:2005 Quality Assurance system
  • Compliant with all relevant ISO, ASTM and Nadcap requirements

Advantages and benefits

  • Option to design bespoke component fixturing
  • Results can be exported automatically to Excel or testXpert II
  • Available in semi and fully automatic configuration
  • Supplied as standard with ZHμ.HD software providing automatic Vickers, Knoop and Brinell indentation measurement
  • Ability to perform automatic case depth determinations and welded sample investigations
  • Ability to perform manual or fully automatic Jominy tests


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